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Be A Scrooge! Listen to Matthew’s Interview about “The Ebenezer Effect” with Dr. Jeffrey Hull on “Life-Shifting”

Listen to my hour-long interview on Dr. Jeffrey Hull’s radio show “Life-Shifting.”  Topics include The Ebenezer Effect, HabitForce!, and The Power of Making a Promise.  We talk about what motivated Ebenezer Scrooge to change overnight after taking stock of his life.  When Scrooge saw his name on his own tombstone he had to confront his own mortality.  Talk about a wake up call!  I talk about writing your own eulogy and thinking about the legacy you want to leave behind.  This is a mission statement for your life that you can’t ignore.  We also discuss the habits of SUCCESS and FAILURE and why I recommend that people turn goals into promises.  A promise is like a goal on steroids!   Here’s the link.  Thanks to Dr. J for conducting a great interview.  Enjoy!


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Two Book Special Offer For December and January

To invest in yourself (or someone you care about) and take advantage of this amazing offer, simply visit our main website  You’ll see this ad.  Just click on the “Buy From 2CO” button and enter your credit card info.  I look forward to signing these empowering books and sending them to you.  Matthew

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